Dan has the ability to characterize his vocal talent to meet the needs for those seeking his talent. He can provide numerous recording styles to suit most any commercial desire. His passion for recording and producing high quality media-ready vocal recordings will remain his number one priority and signature in the voiceover industry.

Dan Romo has had a wide and varied life in the entertainment industry. He is a highly sought after voice over artist and talent. He continually performs at Live events, Emceeing other musical artists with their stage performances and even performing music himself. He plays a variety of musical instruments, piano, guitar, drums, percussion, trumpet and his latest interest is playing the Native American-Indian Flute, when he takes those long hikes up the local mountains for only a view and the solitude of playing that handmade Flute.

He was born and raised in Southern California where he continues to live. His interest in the Performing Arts became introduced in elementary school when he joined the school band playing the trumpet. That’s where he learned to read music. Dan played the trumpet throughout his educational path from elementary through High School. In college, where specialized courses in music continued and simply helped to foster his interest into Theatric Arts.

When he wasn’t playing in the school band, he was playing sports and started with little league baseball and Pop Warner Football. During High School he played sports such as Track, Football and Wrestling. Obtaining numerous ribbons, medals and trophies was the foundation where his self-confidence became un-wavering. Playing sports instilled being a "Team Player" into his Character, as he continued sports throughout his educational growth.

Dan's interest in music and the Performing Arts continued after High School as he began working for a large School District and was an assistant to the Director of Performing Arts. Dan furthered his education by graduating from the Columbia School of Broadcasting and then began broadcasting at KCSB, a small radio station in Hollywood, California. He developed his vocal techniques by instilling intricate diction and precise enunciation when On-Air. Dan also began writing Copy for radio commercials and scripting his own material for broadcasting and field reporting.

Leaving the highly competitive radio life was a difficult one, as his interest never waned. He continued to be in front of the microphone through his live performances with various musical bands as well as his live Emcee announcements at the many venues for headlining artists, throughout beautiful Southern California.

Dan soon became a highly sought after vocal talent with his warm articulate speech and vocal announcing. With great diction, enunciation and the ability to pronounce the syllables of difficult tongue twisters, he began working for the many acquaintances in the music industry and soon ventured into other commercial announcing.

While staying busy with vocal work, Dan had yet another interest… in Law Enforcement. He attended the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy and graduated in 1988, Class #249. Dan immediately started working with the Los Angeles Airport Police in various assignments, spending 25 years in law enforcement where he continues to work today at the rank of Sergeant.

Never forgetting his passion for the Arts, he continues to work from his home recording studio. Dan will write Copy and record from Scripts he receives from others. He has done radio commercials and recordings for The Los Angeles Airport Police, The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, Sidi Music Entertainment, Red Rock Studios, A Mouse in the House Productions, The Wave 94.7 (FM Radio) with projects for Training Videos, Calls on Hold, Telephone announcements, Promotional radio announcements, Voiceovers for musicians recordings, as well as other promotional and production announcements.

You can reach Dan Romo by email at: danromo.voiceovers@gmail.com